Feb. 24, 2022


With so many species of feathered, furred and scaled animals on the brink of extinction it is hard to focus on just one. Baby steps I guess. Here at the Rescue we are lucky to have personal experience with several types and breeds of animal creations. One in particular is our flock of Salmon Faverolles chickens.

Salmon Faverolles are an adorable, entertaining breed of chicken. Unfortunately, like many other poultry breeds, the Salmon Faverolles have been officially listed by the Livestock Conservancy as a threatened species.

Salmon Faverolles have a unique pattern of colors that is known to no other species of chicken. They come in a rare Salmon shade, have a fluffy muff and feathered feet with 5 toes. These are rare traits to have all on one bird! They even have cute little fluffy beards!

Salmon Faverolles are quite entertaining, very friendly and love to chatter to you. They are winter hardy and can remain laying eggs through the winter when most other chickens stop laying.

Here at Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary & Rescue Ltd we have set up an ongoing program to further the public's knowledge of this fantastic breed. We are setting up a hatchery room so that we can promote the numbers of these amazing birds. With our Salmon Faverolles chick hatchery room we plan on educating those interested about this breed and other threatened and endangered breeds. We will offer the newly hatched chicks to those interested in helping us increase the numbers of threatened poultry breeds. Please be a part of this with us and donate to this very important cause today. PLEASE HELP US SAVE THE SALMON FAVEROLLES!

We are asking for your donation today for the purchase of quality incubators, brooder boxes, brooder heat plates, chick starter feed, educational materials, increased utility expense to the Sanctuary and other misc items.

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