Mociso Farms Hatchery

All proceeds help fund the Animal Sanctuary & Rescue. Please read the other informative web pages to learn more about the Sanctuary.

Please check out our Farm Rescue Blog to help save the threatened Salmon Faverolles chicken breed! 


We have farm fresh eggs available. Send us a quick note to come by and pick up a couple dozen or more! $5 for a flat of 30 (2.5 DZ) or donate some much needed produce to our animals and get some eggs free! Eggs are assorted colors and sizes (Med-Xlg) And your donation helps our rescued animals!

We feed our chickens quality feed with herbs and extra treats of produce daily. Chickens free range and pick up all their tasty morsels of choice when weather permits. Healthy chickens=quality, tasty eggs!


Our hatchery runs year around with the bulk of the chicks arriving in the Spring and Summer. Our healthy chickens make healthy chicks. In general we will have Salmon Faverolles, Easter Eggers & mix breed chicks available. These are excellent for beginners and those who just want some eggs and entertainment with quality, healthy chickens in their backyard. The chicks are a great experience to raise for kids and adults alike. Get your newly hatched chicks with us today! See pics below

Current Breeds of Chicks can include

❤Salmon Faverolles  $5 Donation

❤Salmon Faverolles Cross  $4 Donation

❤Easter Eggers  $5 Donation

Other mixes will be ❤Copper Maran, Leghorn, Orpington & Australorp $4 Donation 

❤Pekin Ducks Coming Soon!

Pullets and Cockerels

We occasionally raise some of the chicks and ducklings for those who would prefer to start with healthy, more deveolped birds. These are hens getting ready to lay eggs and young roosters ready to start productivly guarding the flock and fertilizing eggs. (Donation request will vary from $10 to $20)

Laying Hens

Laying hens of assorted varieties may be available. Contact us for info on what we have at the time. Generally, laying hens will be $30-$40.

Fertilized Hatching Eggs

Want the fun and experience of hatching your own eggs? Great to expand your flock, show the kids or use in a classroom. We can also ship eggs.

🤩$10 donation for 1 dozen fertilized crossed breed

🤩$15/Doz fertilized Easter Eggers or Salmon Faverolles

Duck eggs & ducklings coming soon!


😀Use the contact form on this page to check availability and to get on the wait list. Please let us know what you are interested in. And remember, these donations for eggs & chicks are what help keep the animal sanctuary up and running and provides rescued animals their forever home!

Our system requires your email address but if you prefer a response via TEXT please include your phone number. You can also message us through Facebook @Mocisofarms. Have a great day and always be an animal lover!

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Save the threatened Salmon Faverolles! Be a part of saving the threatened Salmon Faverolles here! 

**Chicks sold "straight run".


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Opening hours

Check this page often for info on when we will have the product you want and the hours we will be available. We are generally available daily from 10am to 4pm. Please contact us before arriving.

We currently have FRESH EGGS available. Asking for $5 donation for a flat of 30 assorted color and size. Your donation goes directly to help feed, shelter and provide for the Sanctuary's rescued residents. Use the contact form to let us know when you'd like to come by or TEXT ONLY  270-501-0300

We will announce when we have the self-serve egg pick up available.

Please contact with questions or to donate to the animal rescue.

Some pics of chicks below!


Newly hatched babies getting bigger!

Developing their feathers

Newly hatched and oh so cute!

Beautiful Boys

Fresh Eggs