Who we are and what we do

Here at Mociso Farms our sanctuary caregivers have provided the purest, selfless, and most truly dedicated hope and help to animals whom others have given up on. Currently we have goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs, a goose, a turkey and rabbits that reside full time on the farm with the vast majority being recently rescued from circumstances involving neglect, abuse or abandonment.

Our goal is to provide forever homes to animals in need so that they may live out the remainder of there lives in a caring environment. In our quest to save these beautiful creatures we are building additional dwellings and fencing so that they may have more space to roam freely. In order for us to continue to provide for these amazing, full of life animals it is imperative that we raise the funds necessary to maintain the sanctuary for it's current and future furry or feathered residents and to be able to go at a moment's notice to rescue animals in need.

Help us continue to provide compasionate care to senior, abused and special needs farm animals.

CiCi- She's the

CiCi- She's the "Ci" in Mociso

MOCISO-Our name explained

Here's how MOCISO Farms Livestock Sanctuary and Rescue, Ltd came to be.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a puppy and felt your heart fill with happiness? The feeling of love is such a powerful thing. Our Farms name is dedicated to our first three puppy rescues, who touched our hearts in such a tremendous way that we decided to fulfill a lifelong dream with a sanctuary and rescue.

MOCISO, The name explained.

MO, Mojito was a 13 year old Terrier mix who was rescued in early 2011 from a Florida pound. The moment we glanced into his eyes we felt a  feeling that words cannot explain. He was such a unique and utterly amazing boy. Sadly he left this world on May, 19th 2019.

Ci, CiCi is an 11 year old full of life Chihuahua mix that we adopted in 2016 upon the passing of her Human companion. She is such a joy to watch run and play.

SO, Sofia is a 10 year old American Eskimo that was rescued from an abusive home. She is a beautiful loving girl who loves to sit and watch the other animals. Her stare is so intent that we feel her love radiating through our hearts.

That's how our name began, MO CI SO = MOCISO.


We love animals and take pride in their well being. We have dedicated our property to creating a peaceful habitat for the animals we rescue. However, feed, veterinary and supply costs add up. We have rescued and cared for these animals using our savings and now we humbly ask for donations to help us continue the rescue effort.

The Sanctuary & Rescue expenses to house and maintain the rescued animals is over $18,000. Our 2023 goal is to raise $20,000 so that we may be able to rescue many more animals in the coming years. Please know and always remember that by giving a little you are saving a lot. So with open hearts we respectfully ask for donations.

We Thank You, and the animals your donations help save Thank You!

-Brian & Michelle

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