Contact Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary & Rescue, Ltd.

We appreciate you reading the following information BEFORE you contact us. Thanks

1. We are not veterinarians and do not have a veterinarian on-site. If you need medical assistance with your pet/farm animal PLEASE call a veterinarian clinic directly.

2. We are not able to enter onto someones premises without permission from the owner, an animal control officer's request or a court order. If you are concerned for the well being of an animal please contact your county's animal control department. They have authority that we do not.

3. Please contact us via email, text, fb messenger or fill out the form below instead of calling.  We operate with a very limited volunteer caregiver staff and have many chores to do to keep our rescued animals safe and healthy. By contacting us via email, text, facebook or this online form, we are better able to remember your name and your rescue concern. We do our best to respond to you timely. Please understand that sometime there just isn't enough hours in the day!

4. We have had a busy year so far and we are running out of space for some breeds of livestock. At this time (Aug. 2022) we are unfortunately unable to provide a sanctuary home for:

💔Bucks or Rams (wethers & does might be ok), No Pigs, Bulls, or Horses

💔No roosters (Unless they come with a coop/run) WE HAVE 20!!! Contact us to adopt one...or two!

💔 No room for cats or dogs at this time. (We may be able to direct you to another rescue if you contact us) 

💔 No reptiles or rodents (except rabbits)

💔We cannot help with wildlife but can direct you to a rescuer who might be able to assist. (Please leave baby rabbits & deer alone!! Their mom will find them!)

5. Due to various liability issues, we cannot currently except those under 18 years of age as volunteers or permit minors into the barn or pastures when animals are present. We do not have public facilities available. Those who are droping off or picking up animals must be accompanied by a representative of the Sanctuary. *Please remember, some of our rescues can be aggressive.

6. Thank you for understanding that our Sanctuary has limitations. We operate solely on donations. More people donating means more ability to expand and take on more animals in need. Please consider making a small donation today on our donation page or check out our Amazon Wish List .

We appreciate it and so do the rescues!

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We are located in Meade County, Kentucky but can provide for farm animals in need from any location if transportation can be worked out.

Due to several current infectious diseases and in order to keep animals and caregivers safe, we are not currently permitting visitors (other than for drop off or pick up & by appointment only) and have limited our volunteer opportunities.

Please consider supporting the Sanctuary's animals in other ways such as donating items from our much needed wish lists, or making a monetary donation.

The animals thank you!   Contact us below

Contact us using form below. Email Facebook Message @MocisoFarms.

*Appointments for surrendering an animal or to check out an advertised adoption will be scheduled between 10am & 3pm on Monday, Wednesday & Saturdays only. This ensures we have a knowledgable board member present to assist you.

Drop off for donations is 8am-7pm daily on front deck of Sanctuary house. If you need a receipt please email us to provide. Appreciate it!

We have security cameras

**Please DO NOT drop your animal in our driveway & take off!** We have a "no questions asked" policy for surrenders so set an appointment and do not throw your animal out in our driveway unattended & unsafe!