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"Providing compasionate care to senior, abused and special needs farm animals." 

Mociso Farms Sanctuary provides a home for livestock animals who are in need. Many farm animals need a place to retire when their work on the farm is done. Many well-intentioned owners can no longer provide the best care for the livestock they have. Unfortunately, some farm animals are abused, neglected, and abandoned. Here at Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary we strive to provide for these beautiful farm animals by offering green pasture, shelter and love. 

This animal Sanctuary is NOT a petting zoo. Please understand many of our residents are senior, tramatized or animals with special needs. Humans can be scary to them! We provide a loving environment where these rescued animals can live out their lives in peace.

Our Sanctuary & Rescue also has "surrendered" animals. Those are animals coming to us generally healthy but needing to be re-homed for various reasons. Those beautiful creatures roam together with the permanent residents and when we deem them ready, may be adopted out to their new forever home.

**We list our available animal adoptions HERE**

No Stress! If you are no longer able to provide for your beloved farm pet contact us to see if we can help. Depending on the species and sex of animal, we might have the ability to offer them a forever or temporary home here at the Sanctuary. If we are full, we will help find another forever home for your precious critter. Contact us here

IMPORTANT NOTES:**Visits are by APPOINTMENT ONLY! Our rescues are our priority. Please review our CONTACT page for days & times to schedule surrenders or adoptions. Thanks!

Drop off for donations is 8am-7pm daily on front deck of Sanctuary house. Appreciate it!

**Please DO NOT drop your animal in our driveway & take off!**

**How in the World did we get our Name?? Find out HERE**

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Rescued goat, Duchess of Hogwallow, says "Hello!"

Certified Wildlife Habitat

The Sanctuary is proud to announce it's certification as a wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation and Kentucky Waterways Alliance. We work to sustainably provide food, water and cover for bees, butterflies, birds and small mammals.

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A funny, playful Ram


Rescued with his sister, Bonnie

King Tut

One very handsom buck!


The cutest little rascal ever!

Please consider a donation to help continue the existance of rare and threatened animals so that they NEVER move to the EXTINCTION list!

**Currently working on the rare breed of chickens Salmon Faverolles and Blue Salmon Faverolles**

Read more about this project HERE.

Keep up with our facebook page for info on how you can adopt some of these rare beauties!