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Our Sanctuary

"Providing forever homes to farm animals in need"


Mociso Farms Sanctuary provides a home for livestock animals who are in need. Many farm animals need a place to retire when their work on the farm is done. Many well-intentioned owners can no longer provide the best care for livestock they have. Unfortunately, some farm animals are abused, neglected, and abandoned. Here at Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary we strive to provide for these beautiful farm animals by offering green pasture, shelter and love. 

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Queen Latifah doing great!

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Certified Wildlife Habitat

The Sanctuary is proud to announce it's certification as a wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation and Kentucky Waterways Alliance. We work to sustainably provide food, water and cover for bees, butterflies, birds and small mammals.

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Our Rescue


Our livestock rescue is able to receive farm animals that need to be removed from their present conditions. We can respond and remove animal if needed, shelter, feed and help the overall improvment of animal. The Rescue will maintain the well being of the animal until a Vet has deemed it healthy for transport to a new home or our Sanctuary has room to provide a forever home. We list any available livestock needing a new home on the national RescueMe site.   http://mocisofarms.rescueme.org



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Farm Support

Several times a year Mociso Farms will produce items to fundraise. All profits from donations or fundraiser items go directly to support the livestock residents at the Sanctuary and towards rescue efforts.  Mociso Farm's owners started the Sanctuary & Rescue to improve the lives of rescued farm animals and give them a place to call home. This non-profit association needs help to continue the quest.

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A playful Ram

Queen Elizabeth

Eating the last of the Fall leaves


Little guy, big horns!


Rescued with his sister, Bonnie