Our first arrivals.

Meet Our First Residents


We had a dream to provide a safe and stable place for farm animals to reside when they were no longer useful to a farm, had special needs or needed rescue for any reason. After researching and gaining some basic farm animal knowledge, organizing, repairing fences and improving the old barn, we aquired our first residents.

Meet the bottle-fed babies: Ram Lamb named Hamilton, Two Katahdin female lambs (Suzy B and Penny), and a little goat kid we call Benjamin.

Several Nubian-crossed goats and two Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs shortly followed.

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Items the Sanctuary and Rescue is always in need of:

2021 Much Needed Supply List

Current Urgent Need: 

Chicken Layer Feed

Construction Sand

Kiddle Pools.

Fencing and Barn Items: wood, poles, cattle/pig panels, fence wire, chicken wire, old farm gates, left over roofing materials, water troughs, feed containers, buckets, barn lime, white fence paint, straw, straw and more straw!

Goat Toys: Play houses, slides, climbing items, electric wire spools, wood, large logs, cinder blocks

Feed Items: Cracked corn, rolled oats, mixed grain, minerals, black oil sunflower seeds, hay (lots needed!), alfalfa hay or pellets, beet root pulp

Misc.: Old towels and rags, latex or fabric gloves, totes, storage containers, 5 gal buckets with lids

We'll come pick it up if needed and not to far. Appreciate it!!

Giftcards to: Rural King, Orscheln, Tractor Supply or any other farm or feed stores

As always monetary donations are a big help Donate here. Please check out the "Donation/Store" page to donate and check out the items we have available to help raise much needed funds to continue to maintain the existing animals and enable us to help many more. Thank You!

We are a Kentucky non-profit association. Donations may be tax deductable!!

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King Tut and his friends could use more climbing toys!