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Here's what's been happenin' at the Sanctuary!!

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3 Qtr News 2021

The fall season is upon us and the Sanctuary has been busy planning for the winter ahead. There is always something that needs built, re-built, fenced or changed in some way around here. Over the summer we were able to use some donated pallets and built a nice duck house for Froto, Bilbo, Pippin and Gandalf the goose. They seem to be enjoying their new hobbit hole complete with a pool. (We can always use pallets so please think of us when you have some.)

We did some scrambling and re-working this summer to accomodate a few more farm critters in need of their forever home. We temporarily lost the use of one of our larger fields due to new power poles coming through the County. This caused us to have to quickly fence in another area to accommodate some otherwise displaced goats. For several months our poor potbellies have had to share their field with the bucks and the rams. Not a match made in heaven but they are trying to get along. Hopefully not much longer until the power pole work is done and we can return to using that much needed pasture.

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Wiggly -Tired from mud bathing!

Captain Frizzle-We just moved him into a nice rooster run

Gandalf-Protects the Shire ;-)

Hank-Enjoying his bachelor pad

New Residents

Ramses-We have no idea his age or breed but he is the sweetest little goat buck. He came to us very nervous after being found wandering a neighborhood with a clothes line wrapped around his neck. Poor baby took a few weeks before he trusted us enough to let us approach him. Although still somewhat skittish, he will let us feed him out of our hand now. We'll post a pic of him on the PHOTO page. Maybe someone can tell us what breed(s) of goat they think he is??

Major Tom- This handsome Barred Rock rooster came to us named 'Stella". You guessed it, thought he was a hen! We renamed him Major Tom (from David Bowie song) to fit in with our rooster rescue theme "Fort Cocks". With Fort Knox right around the corner from us we thought this fitting. Major Tom and his neighboring personnel (Capt Frizzle, Sgt. Red, General Tso, Sniper and G.I. Crow) all hang out in their barracks protecting the Gold Vault. We have, best guess, 13 more resident chickens that appear to be roosters. Any help with materials to build 13 more individual rooster condos would be fantastic! Please click our DONATION, PAYPAL or GOFUNDME links to help. Donations may be tax-deductable for you!

23 Chickens-These pretty little feathered babies remain unnamed while we figure out if we have little boys or little girls. Our estimate is 13 cocks and 10 hens. As you read about above, we will soon need to separate the 13 roosters. I think we would be pushing our luck thinking that all 13 will fully mature and decide to live cohesively together!! The mix of chickens has a variety of breeds including Leghorn, Maran, Dorking and Barred Rock. Some have the most beautiful copper and silver neck feathers. We'll get some photos posted on our PHOTO page ASAP. If anyone has a coop to donate please contact us as we could really use a few more spaces to make homes for the hens and the roosters. Appreciate it!

Porky Baggins- Mini pig extraordinaire! This lovable piggy came to us named Porky and we added the Baggins because his little house is next door to the duck's area we call the "Hobbit Hole". He is a very smart and obedient Julian pig. He sits for his treats and comes running when called. He is also a great escape artist and when he needs attention he squeezes under the fencing and hangs out at the back door! Give him a chunk of cucumber and a scratch behind the ear and he is one happy oinker.

New Ewes onsite-Five lovely senior ladies now make our Sanctuary their forever home. These sheep are ready for retirment and enjoying mingling with the younger Katahdin sheep. Hopefully they are spilling out some wisdom and advice to keep the younger ones on track and behaving. Ha! We welcome Mary Martha, Kate, Louise, Electra and Gator (who we call Eeyore due to her cute little Eeyore ears). May they enjoy their new home.

Thank you for checking out our webpage and new news here at the Rescue. Please check back to see what's happenin' around the pasture and in the barn. If you are able, please consider a donation of supplies or to our donation partners on our Reward Program Link page to help us continue to provide a safe and loving environment for our animal sanctuary residents. Thanks!!

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2nd Qtr News 2021

Our rescue & sanctuary is now on Instagram @mocisofarm_rescue and TikTok @mocisofarms. Check us out, like, follow & share to help the animals get the attention they need. Oh My goodness, doesn't time fly?! Here we are in July already and the previous couple of months have been crazy busy here at the rescue! We have added a piggie couple, adorable ducks, more chickens, a cute little goat, an energetic rabbit and a handsome gander to our sanctuary family.

Hogs and Hobbits!

Due to a very unfortunate event, Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary & Rescue, Ltd was called to rescue a large group of animals in need. Thankfully, other local assistance was present and the burden of finding accomodations was split. Here at the Sanctuary we were able to provide a forever home for two potbelly pigs (since named Piggly & Wiggly), two Pekin ducks (Froto & Bilbo) and a gander (Gandalf). They have all been allowed to forage on our small pastures and assisted with extra nutritional needs. The pigs went from barely able to walk to scurrying rapidly across the field! Especially at dinner time! The ducks and gander are safe, secure and spend their days "in the Shire" lounging in their pool and preening their beautiful, white feathers.

Silly Hobbitses!


Ice Cream Store Rooster Rescue

The call came in that a silly, little, frizzle-headed rooster was on the loose and hanging out at the ice cream shop drive-thru. Away we went, who wouldn't head as fast as they could to anywhere that had ice cream? Unfortunatly, it was 8:00 in the A.M. so instead of a dairy treat we came back with the best looking Polish chicken ever. A little bit of grain enticed him into our transport cage and now he has a safe home here on the farm. Volunteers named him Captain Frizzle (his crown of feathers is awesome!) Check out the slideshow on this page for pics of Captain and all the rescues to date.

Military Discharge

Apparently army bases aren't real excited with crowing roosters before the crack of dawn and all darn day! Two shiny, red-feathered Rhode Island Red roosters were dutifully discharged and have received a new place to cock-a-doodle. They came with a brooder of 3 week old chicks who, as you may have figured out, could possibly be roosters as well. These eight little former Army recruits have all grown so much in such a short time and are doing their country proud by keeping the bugs from our fields here at the sanctuary. 🤪 

Animal Lovers 

Sometimes our "rescues" don't need rescuing at all. Sometimes they are well taken care of but life has a way of changing the circumstances and well-loved pets are in need of a new home. Rather than sift through the responses of social media, good-hearted pet owners choose to surrender their fur babies to our sanctuary. Last month we welcomed a two month old Nubian kid goat and a 3 year old Dutch rabbit. Both have given the crew here much enjoyment.

Pharaoh, the buckling goat, is now 14 weeks old and has learned quickly to follow the other goats out across the field and into the goat pasture. He knows when that red gate opens again it is time to hussle on back to the safety of the barn and get a night time snack of grain.

Hank, the fluffy male Dutch rabbit, is slightly spoiled in his multi-level  bachelor pad and spends his time... well... actually spends his time laying about, eating and scrunching his nose at his neighbor, Clyde the New Zealand bunny. They are quite a pair with the same hobbies.😎

Th-th-that's all for now, Folks! Check back soon for the next quarter's resident re-cap. Pictures of all the animals on this page are either in the slide show or on our photo page. Enjoy and help us out if you can.



Amazon Wish List

1st Qtr. News 2021

A Leprechaun Delivery!

Saint Patrick Day brought us 2 adorable (and unexpected!) lambs. Danny Boy and Murphy. Adventurous new born little Murphy managed to slide through his Momma's pen and out into the barn. This led to us having to bottle feed the little guy. We've managed to get his weight up over the last 4 weeks. He is now out of our house (!!!) and doing great. His brother, Danny Boy, is a chunky, month old lamb now and follows his momma around the pasture pigging out!

*Update: Please see updated pics of our new lambs on the photo page! Danny Boy and his brother Murphy are now 4 months old 😀 Consider donating (GoFundMe-Animal Sanctuary) to help the Sanctuary with feed and supplies for the rescued critters. :) Keep scrolling for more news!


Do the Chicken Dance!

Seventeen, cute as a button, chicks now reside in the farm house bathtub! I can't believe the amount they grow in just a few days. Since they will be calling Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary their forever home, we have to do some scrambling to provide a larger chicken coop area for when they are ready to check out their new digs outside. Being a small, non-profit animal organization with a very limited budget (and when I say "limited" I mean basically nonexistent) we have to use what we have or can plead and bargain for. The new coop area won't be fancy but it will protect the young chickens from the hawks and satisfy their basic needs. Take a look at the pic of the new additions below and I bet you can hear them saying "Cheap, Cheap!" which is the amount of a contribution they would love for you to make today. Just 5 bucks can get them half a bag of feed. If you feel led, please check out this link to help the Rescue & Sanctuary.

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After you check out the chick photo below, scoll further to see yet another new beautiful addition to the Farm Sanctuary!!  It's been busy around here!

*Chick Update: The Salmon Faverolles chicks are now 14 weeks old. 😎 Check out the PHOTOS page so see how big and pretty they are!

**This breed of chicken is considered "threatened" and here at the rescue we are doing our part to promote awareness of this beautiful and entertaining species of poultry. If you'd like to help please consider a tax-deductable donation to our non-profit sanctuary to help us promote this awesome chicken breed.


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Six of the 17 chicks now residing at the Livestock Sanctuary. Check us out on facebook @MocisoFarms to help us chose names for the little ladies or send us a comment below. UPDATE: Chicks are doing great and have been named after popular singers. Chickie Minaj, Chickie Nicks, Pat Henatar, Henifer Lopez, Chic Jagger, Eggton John and more!

Still doing the Chicken Dance??

Hope so because the gorgeous guy to the right was welcomed into the family here at Mociso Farms Sanctuary & Rescue recently. He is a 6 month old Barred Rock rooster that has adjusted well to his new home. Mr. Rooster (his name until we vote on a better one) was lucky enough to come from a caring previous home. Unfortunatly, many people aquire roosters while expecting hens and end up turning the rooster lose, culling it or dropping it off outside a farm or shelter thinking someone will take care of it. Have you ever tried to catch and corral a scared rooster? Here at the farm rescue we have decided (it was a unanimous vote!) to build a rooster rescue colony area.  They will be able to live their chicken lives stress free! Therefore......

......We need your help!! Please suggest to anyone with an unwanted rooster to send us an email or contact us on facebook. No questions asked. We'll care for that rooster. If you would like to be a "rooster wrangler" with us by helping provide for rescued roosters, please consider making a small (or large! ;) donation on our donation page or at

*Updated note on Rooster Rescue!! We now have 7 roosters and 6 chicks that are likely to be roosters! We currently have run out of coop/pens for roosters but look forward to building/obtaining more. If you are able to help with materials please shoot us an email or contact us on our social media sites. Monetary donations can be made at our GoFundMe page, here on our Donation page or thru Paypal. The roosters appreciate you!

*We appreciate you taking the time to check out our current adventures. Please check back with us to see our newest residents, learn about our newest projects or to become a sanctuary supporter. Thanks and continue to love and care for all animals!

We list any animals that need adopting on

Comment at the bottom of this page to help us decide on a great name for this handsome fella. *Update: This big guy's name is now General Tso and he has adjusted very nicely at the sanctuary.

Please check BACK with us soon!